The Future of WebRTC Live Broadcast

WebRTC live broadcast today

WebRTC live broadcast is getting more traction, and with it, there needs to be a change in the architecture of how we build a winning infrastructure.

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Ziggeo and WebRTC: An Interview With Susan Danziger

Susan Danziger, Ziggeo CEO

Ziggeo offers an asynchronous interface to record and playback videos on websites. How does that work exactly? Here’s an interview with Susan Danziger, CEO of Ziggeo. She explains what are customers use Ziggeo for, and how is this service making use of WebRTC.

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WebRTC Data Channel find a home in Context

WebRTC-based contact center architecture

The WebRTC Data Channel has been with us long enough, but haven’t been popular. That said, it is now being adopted by those needing context for their voice or video sessions.

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