WebRTC is a Distraction


Dave decided that WebRTC is a distraction, deeming it dangerous. I think his post is a dangerous distraction, and dismissing WebRTC is bad for your health – and for your business plan.

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When is 44.5 Billion a Small Number?

Microsoft playing the number games with Edge adoption stats

Microsoft Edge has been used 44.5 billion minutes last month. Is that a big number of a small one, and what does it say about ORTC and WebRTC adoption? Why is Microsoft faltering with Edge, and it is there anything they can really do to improve that?

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The Rise of WebRTC Broadcast and Live Streaming

WebRTC broadcast use cases

WebRTC broadcast is a new type of a solution that has sprouted in 2015 and is bound to grow in 2016. Here’s where we’re at with WebRTC live streaming today, and what will be the focus moving forward in these types of use cases.

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