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WebRTC 1.0 Training and Free Webinar Tomorrow (on Tuesday)

Join tomorrow’s free webinar, where Philipp Hancke will give a lesson on WebRTC 1.0 – what to expect from it and how it changes current WebRTC implementations.

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Get trained to be your company’s WebRTC guy

Join me in the WebRTC 1.0 webinar and enroll to the WebRTC training that is starting soon after with a fresh set of office hours and updated lessons.

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How WebRTC Works?

There are different ways to explain how WebRTC works. This is my attempt at a WebRTC 101 article that covers it from all angles.

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My Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course is back with an AMA

I am launching my WebRTC course again and hosting a webinar – WebRTC course AMA where you can ask me anything about… anything.

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How to Get Started Learning WebRTC Development

How do you learn WebRTC development? Is there an easy approach to that, and what are the main techniques I suggest using?

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Quiet please – people are studying

My Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course starts today. If you enrolled then thanks and good luck. If you haven’t then you’ve got a few more days before I close enrollment and focus on the students.

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Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course – Updates

My WebRTC course starts next week. Here are a few final words, now that most of the course is ready. Check to see if you want to join me in this adventure

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Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course: Adding a Premium Package

Check out some updates about my upcoming WebRTC architecture course as well as a new premium package for the course.

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Recording WebRTC Sessions: client side or server side?

An overview on the different alternatives available when you recording WebRTC sessions: server side, client side and forwarding.

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