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Surprise: Free Video Calling is no Guarantee for Success (or Adoption)

Mozilla Hello is saying goodbye and reminding us that free video calling doesn’t automatically lead to adoption by the masses. Here’s an analysis of what went wrong.

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The Alliance of Open Media – 10 Months in

There’s been progress in the Alliance of Open Media recently, and all of it is positive. Here’s a quick analysis of the various players.

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4 Reasons to Choose H.264 for your WebRTC Service (or why H.264 Just won over VP8)

H.264 is about to become the popular choice for WebRTC developers. Here are a few reasons why this is happening.

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With WebRTC, Vendors Must Embrace True Agile

WebRTC forces enterprises and developers to embrace agile. Not only in their R&D, but throughout the whole product lifecycle.

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Allo, Duo, Hangouts or Jibe? Help…

Google just announced Allo and Duo communication apps. How does that fit with Google Hangouts and the bigger picture?

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WebRTC Signaling Protocols and WebRTC Transport Protocols Demystified

WebRTC Signaling Protocols and WebRTC Transport Protocols are two separate things. Here’s what to make of them.

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VP8 vs VP9 – Is this about Quality or Bitrate?

When looking at VP8 vs VP9, is the main incentive to switch lies in quality or bitrate requirements?

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Where are we with WebRTC?

A status check of where we are in the WebRTC market and where we are headed, now that the technology is 5 years old.

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Skype will go the Hangouts Route with WebRTC (or vice versa?)

Skype WebRTC support is “almost” here, with it running on Edge natively. Why is that expected, and what it means to the rest of the browser vendors?

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