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What’s the Role of WebAssembly in WebRTC?

WebAssembly in WebRTC is coming. Once WebRTC 1.0 is published, Wasm is where to focus will be headed. Here’s what it means to you.

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What’s the Best Size for a WebRTC SFU Media Server?

Small, Medium, Big or Extra Large? How do you like your WebRC SFU Media Server? I just checked AWS. If I had to build the most bad-ass, biggest, meanest, scalest, siziest server for WebRTC. One that can handle gazillions of sessions, I’d go for this one: A machine to drool over… Should buy such a […]

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All the Truth About the Latest (non)Hype of Fuzzy Testing WebRTC Applications

There’s a lot of fuzzing around lately about WebRTC. Which is really about SRTP. Which is really important. But also really misplaced. Here’s what you need to know.

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What Does Machine Learning Have to do with MOS Scores?

What Does Machine Learning Have to do with MOS Scores? Depends what angle you look at it from. Here are a few trends you should be aware of in ML and MOS.

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WebRTC vs Zoom. Who has Better Video Quality?

My thoughts on a comparison between WebRTC and Zoom that the team and Jitsi shared online – and why WebRTC is the better long term alternative.

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WebRTC FAQ: The 2018 Version

An updated WebRTC FAQ for those who wish to understand this tech somewhat better.

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The Challenging Path to WebRTC H.264 Video Codec Hardware Support

WebRTC H.264 hardware acceleration is no guarantee for anything. Not even for hardware acceleration. There are challenges you’ll need to consider going in this route.

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Can AI and Computer Vision solve the video conferencing eye contact problem?

Parallax, or eye contact in video conferencing is a problem that should be solved, and AI is probably how we end up solving it.

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WebRTC Programming Languages and Where they fit

Building an interactive application? There’s more than one WebRTC programming language that can fit your needs.

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