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Twilio Flex = Twilio Flexing its Flexibility (or the programmable contact centers)

Twilio Flex is a new programmable contact center by Twilio that tries to bring the power and flexibility of APIs to contact centers.

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Thoughts about Twilio Studio and the Future of CPaaS

Twilio Studio was just announced. A visual tool for CPaaS development. And it is going to change the way we look and think about CPaaS.

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WebRTC iOS 11 Support. Are We There Yet?

Apple now officially “supports” WebRTC in iOS 11 and Safari. But what does that really mean, and what is still missing?

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Is Twilio Redefining CPaaS?

Twilio has redefinied CPaaS in its recent Signal 2017 event, introducing a new layering model that is bound to cause headaches to competitors.

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Get Ready for Kranky Geek San Francisco AND São Paulo

Join as at the Kranky Geek events taking place during November and learn more about WebRTC and how to use it in your service.

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Discount on the Advanced WebRTC Architecture Course ends tomorrow

Enroll today to the Advanced WebRTC Architecture course and get an early bird discount.

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Twilio Acquires Kurento. Who will Acquire Janus?

Twilio just acquired Kurento in an effort to support its video conferencing service. What does that mean to Kurento’s project? How does that affect Twilio? Janus? TokBox?

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The Alliance of Open Media – 10 Months in

There’s been progress in the Alliance of Open Media recently, and all of it is positive. Here’s a quick analysis of the various players.

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Allo, Duo, Hangouts or Jibe? Help…

Google just announced Allo and Duo communication apps. How does that fit with Google Hangouts and the bigger picture?

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