WebRTC is a Distraction


Dave decided that WebRTC is a distraction, deeming it dangerous. I think his post is a dangerous distraction, and dismissing WebRTC is bad for your health – and for your business plan.

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Why Set Top Boxes with WebRTC are Light Years Away

set top boxes

Set top boxes may be running WebKit, but they aren’t going to need WebRTC for your living room anytime soon. The main use case of video chat with others is a hard nut to crack in the living room environment.

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WebRTC JTBD: Reducing Barriers of Entry


One of WebRTC’s Job to be Done is removing the barriers of entry for new vendors. It does that by giving for free something that used to require 2 million USD or more in the past.

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Enterprise Video Conferencing FUD


Time to dissect (=tear to pieces) a new FUD post on enterprise video conferencing. Someone needs to tell these guys a thing or two about the truth.

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