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How WebRTC Statistics and Performance Monitoring Changed VoIP Monitoring

WebRTC changed the way we think and design monitoring infrastructure around VoIP deployments. We’re now collecting statistics directly from edge devices. Here’s why

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Twilio Flex = Twilio Flexing its Flexibility (or the programmable contact centers)

Twilio Flex is a new programmable contact center by Twilio that tries to bring the power and flexibility of APIs to contact centers.

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10 Massive Applications Using WebRTC

Thought WebRTC is still nascent? Check out the numbers from these massive applications using WebRTC already. What are you waiting for?

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Grokking Media in WebRTC (a free webinar for my WebRTC Course)

Processing media is a rather challenging process. Understanding how it works and why it is different than web pages is important.

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Is Twilio Redefining CPaaS?

Twilio has redefinied CPaaS in its recent Signal 2017 event, introducing a new layering model that is bound to cause headaches to competitors.

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WebRTC for Business People – The 2017 Edition

Here’s what you’ll find in the updated edition of my WebRTC for Business People report. And the best part? It is free

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WebRTC RTCPeerConnection. One to rule them all, or one per stream?

Here’s an analysis of using a single WebRTC RTCPeerConnection versus multiple such connections from an SFU to the browser.

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Twilio’s Voice Insights for WebRTC – a line on the sand

Twilio just launched their Voice Insights service. One of several announcements. How does this new analytics related offering fit into the WebRTC PaaS space?

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Will Microsoft’s Acquisition of LinkedIn Change the WebRTC Landscape?

Microsoft just acquired LinkedIn. What are the points of integration, and will WebRTC and real time communications be a part of it?

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