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Everything you need to know about WebRTC security 🔒

Video calling and WebRTC are becoming popular and taking center stage in our lives. Lets see see how WebRTC takes care of security (and privacy).

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Why is WebRTC the Safest Alternative?

Is WebRTC safe to use? Let’s see how WebRTC security stacks up against its “competition” to understand where we stand.

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Will there ever be a decentralized web?

What’s the decentralized web anyway? That’s what a group of pundits were asked, and here are my own thoughts on the subject.

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WebRTC Signaling Protocols and WebRTC Transport Protocols Demystified

WebRTC Signaling Protocols and WebRTC Transport Protocols are two separate things. Here’s what to make of them.

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Can Apple’s On-Device Analytics Compete with Google and Facebook?

Can Apple survive in the long term by running analytics strictly on devices or will it have to shift towards a Google/Facebook mindset of endless collection of data?

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IOT Messaging – Should we Head for the Cloud or P2P?

There are different architectures for the network that IOT devices can and should use. There isn’t a lot of discussion aroudn this area, and I wanted to start something off.

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WebRTC Basics: How (and Why) WebRTC Uses your Browser’s IP Address

To understand WebRTC basics, you need to understand how and why WebRTC is peer-to-peer and what the browser’s IP address has to do with it.

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Why Set Top Boxes with WebRTC are Light Years Away

Set top boxes may be running WebKit, but they aren’t going to need WebRTC for your living room anytime soon. The main use case of video chat with others is a hard nut to crack in the living room environment.

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The Smart Whatever in Internet of Things is Rather Dumb

The Smart prefix placed on Internet of Things devices? Nothing smart about it. Too many times it just means a dumb device with a good external programmable interface.

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