Everyone and His Dog is Fixing WebRTC

Trying to fix WebRTC

Everyone is too focused on how to fix WebRTC for their customers, instead of just dealing with how to use it for their needs. Our vocabulary needs to change for us to make real conversations and in order to stop delving with FUD.

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Standards are for Losers

Standards are for losers

When looking at a standard, make sure to check who is behind it and who is missing in action. It usually tells you the power play that is taking place. In the case of WebRTC, it all boils down to the change in hegemony over VoIP from vendors to browsers.

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WebRTC is a Distraction


Dave decided that WebRTC is a distraction, deeming it dangerous. I think his post is a dangerous distraction, and dismissing WebRTC is bad for your health – and for your business plan.

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